Chamomile tea bag

20 x 1.50 g

Chamomile is characterized by its gentle aroma and natural essential oils.

Peppermint tea bag

20 x 2 g

Popular in ancient Egypt plant unfolds in this peppermint tea all its flavor and full aroma.

Fennel tea bag

20 x 2.5 g

Fennel tea has been known for centuries as a soothing drink with natural sweetness.

Natural Herb Tea Bag

20 x 2 g

Selected natural herbs, finely balanced with freshness peppermint & gentle rooibos.

Mint-lemon Tea Bag

20 x 2 g

Fresh and fruity herbal tea blend - served hot or cold, always a pleasure.

Wild Herbs Tea

Loose Tea - 125 g

Loose fruit tea with vigorous wild herb mix with dandelion and nettle.


Pomegranate & Elder Fruit

Loose Tea - 75 g

Loose fruit tea, a fruity fresh herbal and fruit blend with pomegranate-currants flavor

Tea break

Camomile & Valerian Root

Loose Tea - 125 g

Loose fruit tea, a mild herbal tea blend with chamomile and valerian root