Welcome to BoG

Bog groups limited is a company that brings a wide range of German products and food into an Asian dominated culture with a wide range of organic produce including Artisan cheeses and meats are all made by expert hands.100% natural fruit juices high in vitamins, wines with the highest ratings in the European market and premium craft IPA made only with naturally sourced ingredients.

And if you enjoy warm beverages we have a wide range of mulled wines made from perfectly ripened fruits and teas quality controlled for the best taste and aromas creating a relaxing experience for all consumers. All the organic meats and drinks are certified organic by German Bio the most popular eco-friendly label for organic produce in Germany.

The meats are sourced of the highest quality and have no artificial aromas for a completely unique flavor and aroma. German food standards are very Strict which means no genetically modified organisms (gmo) that means all of the animals sourced are 100% natural and all LFGB certified which is Germany’s top food safety regulation. All to ensure that your consuming the best quality foods from a reliable source at a reasonable price. With brands of Germany your guaranteed a better choice for a better life.